Tutorial on Matching Pursuit

Since the fist tutorial in May 2014, still many people asking about Matching Pursuit Tutorial.

I wrote it again in August 2017.

This method was popularized by Mallat and Zhang in their paper 1993.

Title = {Matching Pursuits With Time-Frequency Dictionaries},
Author = {Mallat, S.G. and Zhang, Z.},
Journal = {IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing},
Year = {1993},
Number = {12},
Volume = {41},


Of course paper was written very technical. We can not quickly understand the basic idea about it. So this tutorial will help you to bring the concept easier.

Here is the pdf of the tutorial. PDF


MP is a pre-requisite for the more powerful Orthogonal Matching Pursuit – OMP algorithm.


The OMP tutorial is here.



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