Introduction to Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

Previously, I had written a tutorial on Matching Pursuit (May 2014). There are a lot of antusiasm in this simple tutorial.

Many request to me to write the Orthogonal Matching Pursuit tutorial. Finally I had time to do it.


The importance of OMP is growing strong as the technique of Compressive Sensing fastly developed. OMP is among greedy algorithm algorithm to solve OMP. There are many papers on this subjects. But for newbie it is not easy to quickly understand OMP. So that is the aim of this tutorial. To bring OMP easy to understand.


Here is the PDF of this OMP tutorial : PDF


If you have a question on this tutorial, please make a comment, or send me an email : koredianto.usman at Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

  1. Hi. I want to calculate the mutual coherence of the matrix in compressive sensing. My signal =x = Psi * coef. Then compressed signal is y= Phi * x. In construction algorithm, reconstruction matrix= A= Phi * Psi. Then which matrix need to choose for calculation of mutual coherence.

  2. Thanks a lot for your explanation. The way you explained OMP algorithm is very nice. Now I understood the OMP algorithm easily. Thank you once again.

    Kindly may, could you please provide the matlab code for the above said algorithm? Its very useful for me to practice the OMP in my work.

    Thank you very much.

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